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Biological water treatment

ECO-SISTEMI Srl is involved in research, development, planning and realization of biological systems to purify and reuse urban and industrial waste waters in a zero kilometer way: compact solutions, particularly indicated for the treatment, the reuse and the saving of water in communities far from the big centralized depuration plants and from the sewer system. The firm realizes also plans of management and adaptation of depuration plants already existing for private citizens and for public administrations.


RCBR - Rotating Cell Biofilm Reactor

RCBRRCBR (Rotating Cell Biofilm Reactor) device is an ultra compact and efficient system for the waste waters depuration; it has been projected by the Academic Spin-Off Eco-Sistemi S.r.l. (continue)

RCBR special advantages
- innovative device
- compact and reduced dimension device
- self-installing
- without any qualified maintenance
- low energetic consumption
- high quality materials
- without any cement work
- very competitive prices


Solution also for wastewater coming from biogas plants

The problem of biomass plants is represented by the lack of biodegradable compounds of available carbon in the wastewaters to be treated
ECO-SISTEMI technological solution is a natural solution, in full compliance with the process sustainability. (Download PDF)



Startcup 2012
ECO-SITEMI has been achieved the following rewards:

Start-Cup Winner

2. classified Environment Prize
Euregio Tirolo-Alto Adige-Trentino
Umweltpreis Euregio Tirol, Südtirol, Trentino 2013